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Looking for some brass

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01 August 2002, 06:40
Looking for some brass
Gentleman, I am new to the forum and have enjoyed it very much. I am looking for a couple of cases to see if they can be reformed into a cartridge I have a rifle for. I need some 6.5 x52 Carcano and some 6.5 x 54 M-S. I have a large quatity of original .276 Pedersen ammo and decided to build a rifle to shoot it. Most of the necks have split with age so they are not reloadable.
01 August 2002, 10:03
yukon delta
.276 Pederson? What kind of junk is that? Just kidding. I enjoyed shooting that rifle the other day in the "rural gentleman's shooting range."

Welcome aboard friend.
01 August 2002, 15:26
Try the Old West Scrounger at HTTP:// I just went to their web site and they have both of them. The 6.5 Carcano brass is $21.26 for 20 and the 6.5X54 brass is $21.27 for 20.