Lame cartridge collection, please help
Hello all! I have a small and pretty lame cartridge collection. Mostly stuff that I have picked up while shooting in the "woods" or at various ranges. While I can not pay huge amounts of $$ and do not have anything cool to trade I am wondering if anyone has some extra cartridges that I can get... So far my pistol/revolver collection is ok but I am interested in various rifle cartridges. I have the more common types, but in mostly current calibers. Let me know if you have anything to part with and I guess we can haggle over the price/shipping...

Thanks in advance!
Dave Couch
Denver CO area.
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What exactly are you looking for? I could set you up with a few 45-70, 30-06, 30-40 Krag, 303 Savage, 8mm Mauser, 308 Winchester, 7.65 Argentine, 43 Egyptian, 35 Remington..... Depends on how many you want and what variations you want. We could work out a low end deal from any where at the $50.00 mark on up to the $200.00 mark..... But I do have a lot of .25 cent and .50 cent fodder laying around..... e-mail me at "" and we can see what exactly you are looking for and what your pocket book can handle. I understand all about money constraights... Thats why I allways try and stay below what the auctions are showing for realized prices and below retail sales for my region..... [Cool]
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send me your want list.
i have over one thousand collector cartridges for sale or trade.
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one of us
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only thing ive got that hard to come bye is 50 alaskan and its head stamped that to. i also have 348 win witch is what 50 ak is made from. feel free to email me. jason
i also have 357 max to then regular stuff
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Oops sorry about not responding, been swamped for the last two days after the holiday shutdown. I will post a spreadsheet of what I have later this weekend and we can compare notes.

Thanks in Advance
Dave Couch
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