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I was going through a pile of brass and came across some cases that I thought to be somewhat unique. I've got some that are headstamped SEARS and a couple stamped S&W. I doubt they are worth anything, but was wondering how long ago Sears and Smith and Wesson manufactured loaded ammo. If any cart. collectors are interested, I will be willing to send them to you, other-wise I'll just load them and shoot em in my 1919a4.

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I've had another member on this board post an aireal photograph of my neighborhood,post my wifes name,dig up old ads on GunsAmerica,call me out on everything that I posted. Hell,obmuteR told me to FIST MYSELF. But you are the biggest jackass that I've seen yet, on this board!

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Sears and S&W didn't make the ammo, they had it made for them (private lable).
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mg - load 'em & shoot 'em with a clear conscience. The loaded rounds are worth a small premium, perhaps . . . the brass is simply brass.
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