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470 Nitro Express #'s

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15 December 2002, 16:29
470 Nitro Express #'s
I recently aquired a collection of 26 different .470 NE specimens, I won't tell you how much I paid for them, but I feel it was a very good price. I am just wondering if any body has an idea of how many different specimens of .470 NE's could possibly be had in a collection? I had three to start off with. They are just not to be found here in middle America! To me they are quite rare. So please, squash my dreams and tell me the truth!!!!!
15 December 2002, 20:24
There are at least twelve different headstamps documented , and at least sixteen different projectile types - as at 1991 when my reference catalogue was published by Jim Richards of Z-Towne ImagesPA.
15 December 2002, 23:55
Tony Williams
The Conjay Collectors Ammo catalogue of 1991 lists 22 diferent versions for sale.

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