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.45ACP loaded ammo

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23 October 2002, 14:54
.45ACP loaded ammo
I came across a bunch of .45acp ammo. The oldest one is 1924, and all of the war era ammo are steel cased, non war ammo is brass cased. All factory loaded, not reloads. origional ammo. Anyone interested in this? I can provide dates and hed stamps if interested. Mike
25 October 2002, 03:15
MIke, if the steel cased stuff is by Evansville Chrysler (EC) or their Sunbeam subsidiary (ECS), it is cheap corrosive shooting ammo. Millions of rounds made, still showing up in sealed cases. Although I've never seen any documentation to this effect, it's pretty clear none - or very little - was ever issued for use during the war. There are some FA loadings which are somewhat more desirable; if this is such, please advise.

The brass-cased tween-War specimens can bring a slight premium. I might be interested, depending on the headstamps, condition and - especially - the price.

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