30 Carbine with Berdan Primers
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I just swapped for a lot of 30 Carbine brass and in sorting it out I find about 100-150 cases are headstamped "LC 52" and have Berdan primers. Never heard of anything loaded by Lake City having Berdan primers - anyone know anything about these cases and why?????

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The story on the street is that these cartridges were made in China in the 1960s for use by the communist forces in Vietnam. The most likely reason behind the use of this particular headstamp is that it was intended to cover up its origin. There are a lot of them around, including full boxes, and I seem to recall seeing them for sale on one of the online auctions. I'm sure a lot have been sold without either the seller or buyer knowing what they were.


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Some time ago I bought several boxes of ammo (chinese labels) with the LC52 headstamp and yes it turned out to be berdan primed.

Once I discovered that I let the brass fly as I shot it off.


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