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A great week of collecting..........

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02 August 2002, 17:02
A great week of collecting..........
UPS has been visiting my door every day for the past ten days or so. My daughters and I put everything that was delivered together and took a few pictures. You can see them at:

A good week of collecting


Through auction winnings, trades and a small gunshow this past weekend, I've made a nice dent in my want/wishlist. And this doesn't include the big British rounds from Westley Richards. All of that is just a bonus. [Wink]

To the advanced collectors that stop by here, there isn't anything exceptionally rare or incredibly valuable, but it was definitely fun marking all of them off in my COTW. [Big Grin]
02 August 2002, 17:39
Paul H
Did you get the 480's yet? I gave the package to my wife, hoping she'd be a better bet getting it off to you, but I have a feeling it still sitting in her car. I'll check and see about getting it off. Sorry for the delay.
02 August 2002, 20:53
Well done! This is what makes cartridge collecting fun - a pile of new goodies awaiting catalogue and entry into the appropriate drawer.

Unfortunately after a while the pile of goodies dimishes in direct proportion to the increase in the number of dollars expended , but hey - if your hobby doesn't cost you money then you aren't serious about it!

COTW is an ok starter book , but there are too many inaccuracies in the text to use it as " the Bible " for cartridge collecting referance .But it sure is nice to be able to tick off a whole batch of new cartridges in there...

Keep up the good work
02 August 2002, 20:55
apologies for miss-spelling the word "diminishes"- too lazy to spell check the reply!
04 August 2002, 13:51
Glad for you, QI! Just back from a huge auction (2400 items - perhaps 200 lots of ammo) and the prices were absolutely insane for the most part, with several lots opening with absentee bids at 2X the current market - one so absurd I burst out laughing & had to run from the room so as not to disrupt the proceedings. Sure wish those guys would bid on my listings! Must be nice to have more dollars than sense.