How many items are in your collection?
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Ive got 150+ things in my collection rangin from .17 to .72. Not much of a collection compared to y'alls Im guessing [Big Grin] But Ive got a fair sized amount of rare stuff.
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One of the interesting things about cartridge collections is that no matter how large your own accumulation is , the other guy always has something in his selection that you dont .

My own pile of assorted stuff runs to several thousands - over 1000 .22 packets alone - and I dont consider that I have a large collection by leading standards . What I do state quite plainly is that I enjoy my collecting , and that would be the case if I had twenty cartridges or 20,000.

Keep up the good work. [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Big Grin]
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At this moment, i have 454 different calibers (from .14-221 Walker to 15cm S.I.G. 33) in my collection.
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Many years ago when I was deep into cartridge collecting, an older and wiser person told me I would be smarter to buy one 10-dollar cartridge than 10 one-dollar cartridges.

Quality is much better than quantity, he said. And he was right. I had many specimens at one time, and I treasured the rare ones over all others.
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I have close to 260. There are a few that I've been looking for: Kolibri cartridges, 22 BR Rem, 7mm STE.
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