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vintage western & win ammo question 300 H&H

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11 August 2002, 09:57
vintage western & win ammo question 300 H&H
Ok collectors. I have run across some old western and winchester ammo that I can buy. There is a link to a photo of one of the boxes below.

Does anyone know how collectable this stuff is and any idea on value ? Also any idea on when it was manufactured. All boxes are full and most of the ammo appears very clean. There are a total of about 20 boxes of 300 H&H, 375 H&H and 30-40 kraig.

Your help is appreciated, Weagle
11 August 2002, 10:45
This ammo is not uncommon , I would say that it has the same value as current shooting ammo.

If you go to your local gunshow you will see large amounts of this era ammo in boxes in this condition or worse . Any price you offer would need to take account the fact that it simply isnt rare . Of course if you have a .300 or .375 rifle then you have a different need than if you are looking at collector ammo.

Then again, if you dont already have examples of these packets and cartridges then go for it . But ultimately only you can assess what value the items are to you . Sorry to be Mr Negative , but paying twice the value for something doesn't seem like a good investment to me....
11 August 2002, 17:19
Muzza, Thanks for the reply.
Do you have any input as to the date of manufacture of this ammo?

I'm sure I won't pay "twice the value" for this ammo since I can buy it for a fraction of the price of new ammo.

Good shooting, Weagle
12 August 2002, 05:30
Weagle, the Win & Wes "bear" or "grizzly" boxes bring some premium at auction. If you can get this stuff for less than current shooting ammo, grab it.

Not sure of era, but circa 1930 - 1960.