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7 MM Pin-Fire

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12 July 2002, 18:25
7 MM Pin-Fire
I recently bought an old Winchester Model 1903 from an old fella. He also gave me a box and a half of the ".22 Win Auto" rimfire ammo for it. While I was at his place he dug out this old "original" ammo box and asked me if I wanted it for my collection as well. He couldn't remember where he got it from or when. It contained 15 live rounds of 7 MM Pin-Fire ammunition. Would anyone happen to know the value, availability and or apx age of this stuff? When did they quit making it?

Any info would be greatly appreciated,
13 July 2002, 10:51
A friend gave me a 7mm pinfire years ago with an ELEY headstamp. Case length is .55" and OAL .875" with a lead round-nosed bullet. It was chambered for a Lechafaux (sp?) revolver his father took off a German officer in WW I. About all I remember about the revolver is that it was quite small and had a folding trigger and no guard.


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13 July 2002, 11:45
I've seen the 7mm sell for anything from $0.50 to $6 a round depending on condition. I'm sure there are some headstamped versions of greater value than others, but I'm not terribly familiar with - nor interested in - European cartridges. If yours are in good condition, you should be able to get $30 to $60 for them.