No markings... which cartridge is this ?
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OAL: 34.9 mm
head diameter: 8mm
case length: 23.5 mm
rim bottom diameter: 8.9 mm
rim diameter: 10.35 mm
no markings on rim

Projectile same width as case.
Projectile lead body, metal head.
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No expert and just going by the dimentions, but the 7.5mm Nagant (Swedish) would be one possiable choice
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My guess is the 7.5mm Swiss Ordnance Revolver , which is interchangeable with the 7.5mm Nagant .

You need to get a copy of Jakob Brandts " Manual of Pistol and Revolver Cartridges" or the earlier Erlmier and Brandt two volume set of cartridge manuals for pistol and revolver cartridges. Identification is the secret to being a happy cartridge collector.....
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Dimensions are consistent with the 7.5 Nagant / 7.5 Swiss as noted above. It pains me greatly to agree with gent from NZ [Roll Eyes] , but given the bullet type, it is most likely a Swiss product rather than the Swedish or Norwegian loadings, as I've never seen any of the latter rounds except with paper patched bullets.
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