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.348 Winchester Standing Bear?

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24 March 2017, 07:35
.348 Winchester Standing Bear?
I have been going through some stuff in a relative's workshop and came across some old ammunition. Here's a couple of items. I understand the packaging with the bear is desirable to collectors?

26 March 2017, 21:41
I've no idea as to collector value, but oh so retro cool!


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01 April 2017, 06:04
I don't know either but wouldl like to as I have a box or two of that stuff in 250 gr. Silvertip .348 Win ammo. so old the Silvertip is no longer silver..

Ray Atkinson
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01 May 2017, 00:08
wesley timmerman
Worth about 35-45 per box if full condition box worth 65/95 $$