Antique ammo and boxes for sale
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The following is posted in classifieds but thought someone on this forum may want to see this.

I have the following three items for sale -

1. A box of 16ga. Remington shotshells with 7 1/2 shot. The box is labeled as follows -

Remington Express
Extra Long Range
New Remington Crimp

The box is green and red with white lettering
The shells are green plastic with a round, yellow paper sticker over the crimped area.

There are 20 shells in the box. The box is in good condition

2. A partial box of Winchester .22 ammo. It is labeled - "Winchester Leader Staynless", .22 Long Rifle, Win Fire. The colors are primarily yellow and blue.

The box is in average condition and is not full. There are about 20 rounds in the box. It has two types of bullets, one appears to be blanks and the other appears to be the original .22 rounds. One end of the outer box is missing.

3. One box of Remington Hi-Speed Kleanbore .22 Long Rifle. The box has about 35 to 40 rounds, all the same. The box is in average condition with one end torn off but with the box. The box is red and green with white lettering.

I am no cartridge collector and cannot state what these are worth or the age. I have detailed 1.4 mg pictures.

If you want to see the pics, send me an email address that can handle large files.

I will sell these to you for $22.50 shipped.

Personal check ok.

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