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.350 G&H Mag

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12 July 2002, 18:11
.350 G&H Mag
I don't suppose that any of you have one that is corectly headstamped that they would like to sell?
13 July 2002, 05:44
Paul H
I'm curious, what is the 350 G&H mag? Do you have dimensions of the rim, shoulder, neck, length?

I have a 350 Rigby Magnum, and am a 35 nut.
13 July 2002, 07:24
JR: I have a couple of G&H cartridges but the 350 is not one of them. Maybe one of the big time collectors here can steer you in the right direction.

Paul: COTW states: "The 350 G&H Magnum was developed in the early 1930s. It is also known as the 350 Holland & Holland Magnum, since that company chambered it in it's rifles for a number of years. In the US, ammunition was loaded by Western Cartridge Co. It is based on the 375 H&H case necked down and is similar to a number of 35 cal wildcats that came along years later. It did not achieve popularity and died out by the end of the 1930s. Today it is largely a collectors item".

Measurements are:
Bullet diameter: .357
Neck diameter: .382
Shoulder dia: .446
Base dia: .511
Rim dia: .528
Case length: 2.848
Cartridge length: 3.64

Hope this helps.
13 July 2002, 10:45
I've got one only. The headstamp is WESTERN on top, .350 G&H MAGNUM on the bottom (wraps around about 200�). The bullet is a copper spitzer with a 1/16" hollow point and no exposed lead. The case is scratched in a couple of places and it looks like it's brass plated copper.

The only other G&H I've got is a .22-3000. It's headstamped G&H on top, 22-3000 on the bottom. I've heard they were made by Winchester, but can't confirm it. It's also known as the 2R Lovell, isn't it?

What other G&H cartridges are there?

13 July 2002, 11:38
JR, I have one of the Western rounds which I will be putting up for sale on Auction Arms in the near future, one of many commercial rounds I'm selling as I narrow my collection to more manageable proportions reflecting my interests.