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STILL looking for some brass .....

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05 November 2002, 19:09
STILL looking for some brass .....
Im still looking for a few pieces of brass that would help me complete my 22 collection. If you have any of the following that you could spare it would be greatly appreciated.

22 Savage Hi-power
22 dasher
22 BR
22 jet
222 rem
222 rem mag
and 222 rem rimmed.

If you have any please contact me through my email. Thanks in advance.

[ 11-11-2002, 22:55: Message edited by: Scott ]
06 November 2002, 04:30
D Humbarger
Scott did you get those Velo dogs that I sent?
06 November 2002, 05:46
Sure did, i replied to my other string about a week or two ago. They look great, thanks again, -Scott
12 November 2002, 07:56
Awww common guys, i know someone has to have a few pieces of these brass laying around.
12 November 2002, 22:11
You could pick up most of those cartridges on your want list at any gunshow by shifting through the boxes of loose cartridges , and not pay more than a couple of bucks apiece . Or you could look on and find most all of them for not much dollars either . Some times you have to search them out yourself , makes you appreciate what you have got more too.....