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10.4 Swiss C.F.Revolver Model 1878

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03 January 2003, 12:59
Wildcat Crazy
10.4 Swiss C.F.Revolver Model 1878
Fellow Collectors,

I need the dimensions for the 10.4 centerfire Swiss Model 1878
service revolver cartridge.I have been unable to
find any into on this round.If anyone has one in
their collection will you measure it for me and post the measurements?

Thank you,
03 January 2003, 20:42
tech details as follows;

Bullet diameter .423" - .425"
Case dia-neck .429" - .433"
head .439" - .441"
rim .527" - .531"

case length .783" - .787"
oaLength 1.240" - 1.256"

Velocity 607 ft. per second
Energy 157.6 ft/pds

Hope thats what you are after - 1st pattern cartridge had a copper case and outside lubed bullet , later production service ones had brass case and paper-patched solid lead projectile. Happy New Year and good collecting. [Big Grin]
04 January 2003, 00:07
Wildcat Crazy

Thanks,that information was exactly what I was after.Even with the internet,it is sometimes
difficult to obtain information on some of the older european cartridges without human help.
04 January 2003, 10:11
No sweat W.C. - thats what books are for . I figured I could never own every cartridge type ever made but I could at least have the information about them , so I try to do just that . And then - why have that information and not share it ?

Pleased to be of help , any other queries - just ask and someone will know the answer....