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Strange bullet or cartridge

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01 January 2003, 04:10
Strange bullet or cartridge
A friend of mine showed me this picture and asked me to tell him what the hell it is. I know there is no better source than AR so here it is:


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01 January 2003, 06:42
Well it appears to be one of the old Union Cartridge company bullets, which I believe was taken over by Remington.
But am not near any of my books to say anymore at this time.
01 January 2003, 08:52
I would be guessing but it looks to me like a projectile made with a brass (?) or copper (?) jacket swaged out of a UMC rimfire case. Without better case measurements any better identification is not easy. Hope that helps a little. [Wink]
01 January 2003, 13:02
Without seeing the base, it looks fairly fabricated, rudementery and ameture at best (just judging by the photos)..... It has a heavy cannelure around the waist - reminiscent of the old Herters "Waist Sonic" bulletts sold in the 60's, and an odd "tiny" roundnose lead tip (really odd!) Would like to see some measurements on it.... OAL, DIA. at base and at waist, Jacket length, etc..... I'm not really good with metric, but I can convert.... Look how I ramble on.... Just goes to proove, you shouldn't type on New Years Eve!
01 January 2003, 13:10
I forgot to mention, I have several bullets fabricated out of .22 cases made by Remington during WWII. All are of brass case and pointed design. But, all of them still have their H/S's intacked.... And no waists - just knurled bullet crimps.... Look, I'm still rambeling! [Razz]
02 January 2003, 06:46
this is a bullet manufactured by or for Rheinisch Westfalische Sprengstoff also known as "RWS" of Nuremburg , germany.
they stamped the "U in a shield" on their rimfires, primers, and bullets.
check it with a magnet. it should have a nickle plated steel jacket.
02 January 2003, 15:42
now I feel like an idiot.... I didn't scroll over far enoughf to see the H/S on the base of the bullett in question.... Disregard all that I have said!
02 January 2003, 19:56
Guess that makes me stupid too , although I still suspect that it is a home swaged projectile using a rimfire case , albeit RWS and not Remington. I have a small selection of such projectiles , mostley .22 , and they actually shoot very well .
03 January 2003, 11:39
krag56 has it right. I loaded a lot of the RWS slugs for customers w/ metric rifles when I had a custom loading business; the crest and the nickel plating are a dead giveaway.