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Good news!

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09 May 2021, 20:12
Good news!
Still at drive through church, I got a call the young girl I mentioned in another post who was ICU in UK Hospital was released home today.
09 May 2021, 20:35
That is great news. What a blessing for her mother on Mother's Day.

09 May 2021, 22:11
I missed the other thread so dont know the circumstances but mothers days here was 6 weeks or so ago idea why its got to be diferent...
10 May 2021, 08:37
well how it works is.
one country does what it wants, and the other does what it wants.

it's kinda like wanting to go somewhere, you actually have to board the train.
the station stays where it is, that's why it's called a station and not a mover.