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Great place for all your meat processing needs, I get everything I use here. Good place to get stainless, sinks tables, and equipment stands too.

Picked up one of these hamburger presses last month, and went through 40 pounds of 90% ground beef for me and the dogs to put in the freezer in no time.


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Thanks for posting this link. I am a great fan of buying restaurant-grade equipment (for my own use) S/S pots + pans, really good knives, etc. As to the convection ovens, etc. one can find them easily in the want ads as most restaurants go belly up in their 1st year (sad but true) The general rule in restaurant starting is to be prepared to lose money the 1st 2 years in business,( + that was before the virus) if you can't do that, try something else. As a final, I can't help myself after seeing the hamburger burger press but be recalled of a joke from the early 60s. LBJ was inspecting the food line of a US mfg. that fed the nation. Going down the assembly line he saw this sweaty, hairy fat guy picking up pieces of H.B. meat + putting them under his armpit + making patties. LBJ was disgusted + said so. The guy said, That's nothing just go on down the line + you'll see how we make the doughnuts.

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