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At 9:21 last night what were you doing?

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22 January 2021, 19:53
At 9:21 last night what were you doing?
At 9:21 tonight, it will be the 21st minute of the 21st hour of the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century. What will you be doing?

I missed it. I know it was yesterday.
Thought it was an interesting fact
22 January 2021, 21:48
Getting ready for bed.

23 January 2021, 18:23
Jim Kobe
That will be 10:21 here and I will be in bed

Jim Kobe
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Bloomington MN 55437

Professional Member, American Custom Gunmakers Guild,
28 January 2021, 02:34
Doing a sleep study.
28 January 2021, 06:32
Damn, missed it! My grandkids will never forgive me.
Oh well!

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28 January 2021, 08:27
Oh Well indeed. The last month of the year under the full moon in 2020 was the harbinger of the 'last of days' in the Mayan calendar. Although I must confess that some days it feels like it. Wink

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