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Recent Zambian Lion Research Publication

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14 November 2014, 19:18
Recent Zambian Lion Research Publication
Recent Zambian Lion Research Publication
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15 November 2014, 12:11
I'm always skeptical of anti-hunting research, but overall, this was pretty well done.

I don't like how they state hunting is the major cause of decline in males and imply a major affect on the lion population as a whole; but then rapidly dismiss any possible effects from poaching because they didn't study poaching.

However, this does do a fine job of pointing out how important it is for hunters to play nice with the scientific community. Had more hunters shared information on their harvest, then maybe it could have been proved that hunting did not, in fact, have an impact. And even if the results stayed the same, it would have shown the world that hunters are truly invested in all aspects of conservation.
15 November 2014, 22:22
Great post 35whelenman.

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