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My military conversions! What's yours?
One of Us
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WILDCAT JUNKIE...Very NICE shooter!!!!! How does it shoot????

Do you happen to know the case volume and velo.

I have a nice 8 x 57 98 Mil "conversion"...NICE stock with plenty of figure, walnut forend and pistol grip, nicely blued OEM barrel that shoots not so bad for a OEM mil barrel conversion with Horn 150's.

I CAN'T keep my mind off it to do some kind or rechamber/rebarrel(I'm a junkie too)but having built a 98 in 9.3 x 62 mm and having many cartridges/rifles just above or below the 8 mm I'm having trouble justifying it, but doesn't stop me from looking hard. Big Grin

I'm too cheap to do anything I need to buy custom dies for or needs mucking about with custom brass, or doesn't have rental reamers available...OR basically requires a total strip-down, I'm looking at something I can chuck up the barreled action and rechamber.

I've looked at the 8 mm-06 because I have several sets of '06 size dies that can be adapted to the 8 mm but it doesn't gain enough to bother with. I've thought about doing a "8 mm x 9.3x62" just because of the brass/die situation and the my RWS 9.3 case volume is already ≈76 gr H2O and won't loose too much going from 9.3 to 8 mm...maybe end up with ≈15-16% more capacity, ≈320 Howell, 8 mm-68 S or 8 mm-348, and a gain of ≈175-225 fs.

Anyhow...knowing the case volume of your AI will give me more info as to feasibility.

Thanks Bro. Cool wave

Good Hunting tu2 beer
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One of Us
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1.Arisaka Type 38 to 6.5X.308 (now .260 Remington)*
2.Arisaka Type 38 to .22-.250
3.Mauser Model 98 to .257 Roberts
4.Enfield 1917 to .35 Brown Improved Whelen*
5.Springfield 1903A3 to .220 Swift
6.Springfield 1903 to heavy barrel target 1903
7.Sharps Borschardt Musket to .25 Ackley Improved Krag
8.Springfield 1903 to 7mm Remington Magnnum
9.Springfield 1903 to .375-.338
10.Springfield 1903 to .458 Winchester Magnum
11.G33/40 Mauser to 7X57*
12.Enfield P14 to .505 SRE*
13.Enfield P14 to .375 LRE
14.Enfield P14 to .416 MRE
15.Enfield P14 to .500 SRE
16.Enfield P14 to .577 VSRE
17.Mauser Model 98 to 6.5X.308*
18.Mauser Model 98 to .308*
19.Mauser Model 98 to .358*
20.Mauser Model 98 to .400-.284*

Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

* Ones I still own.
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One of Us
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Mauser Banner over 1933 date to 6.5 x 57 Mauser

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One of Us
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Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2020 to you, too, PatagonHunter.

(my latest project is an ersatz conversion: a Zastava 9.3x62 that I'm remodelling the stock on. I'm putting an old Nickel Supra 2.5x on it in Burris Signature mounts where a gunsmith mate has reamed out the Nylon inserts to 26mm. Use of their eccentric inserts means scopes with constantly centred reticles are more than ever an unnecessary decadence.)
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A few years ago I picked up a 1910 Mexican Mauser. Someone cut the barrel off at about 21 inches, ground the rear of the action were the stripper clip was inserted off to mount a scope. Put on a two position safety and redid the bolt handle. Not sure if just reforged or cut off and welded back to allow the scope fairly low. All this wasn't done to badly. A bit rough do eventually it should polish out.
Shaved the original stock down, thinned it so much along the barrel channel the wood splintered.
I replaced the stock trigger with a Timney Sportsman and put it in a Boyd's stock. The stock needed a bit of work around the rear tang of the action. The stock was shaped for a rounded shape, my action was more square. After that it fit down in the stock. The bolts hit the wood so I had to trim that down a bit so the bolt would open and close.
Even as it was it shot well enough to hunt with. Around 4 inches at 100. I think it should have done better. So all the work.
Just need get it out and shoot it to find out.

The only way to know if you can do a thing is to do it.
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One of Us
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Thanks Patagonhunter,
I hope you had a great Christmas, too. (Sorry, it's been a while since I've looked in on this particular forum).

Looking at your scope, I see it is one of the rarer ones with no rail or demi-ring soldered on. Though not the preferred German way, use of American type rings makes scopes much easier to re-use on another rifle.

In regard to scopes with non-centred reticles, I believe Burris has come up with the best solution for DIY mounting with their Signature rings. Not only do their swivelling inserts do away with the need to lap rings to prevent bending the scope but you can get eccentric inserts to fix elevation/windage adjustments.

As well as that they work in the Universal bases (like Leupold STD and Redfield) but when allowing the inserts to swivel in their ball-joints, you can adjust the cone-screw windage without worrying about bending scopes.

They may not make 26mm inserts but we've found you can lap the one-inch ones with wet-and-dry sandpaper wrapped around a one-inch mandrel or, maybe, an old scope tube.
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one of us
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Originally posted by bartsche:

Originally posted by TCLouis:

7.7X58 to Don't know, ain't figured it out yet

7.7 X .284 or just leave it and sporterize it. The actions are strong and it is a good cartridge if reloaded to reasonable modern pressures
Just some ideas to keep you creatively, joyfully busy. cut barrel to usable length and crown, redo or replace stock and modify . Add recoil pad. Design and build a trigger guard mounted safety.Remove rear sight. Drill and tap and mount a scope. maybe you could make a scout style carbine out of it.Design and attach a muzzle brake. Modify or get a descent replacement trigger. Hope you have a lot of fun.

claproger beer

The gun has already been sporterized including a sporter stock, receiver sights and quite nicely at that.
It is on a Type 99 action and has an original Type 99 barrel (has not been set back), but a chambering I have been unable to figure out.

A chamber cast would help in my quest. but so far I just have not got it done.

My cerrosafe keeps getting lost and when I find it, I'm not in the mood to fiddle with the project.
Need to move that up on my roundtuit priority list.

Don't limit your challenges . . .
Challenge your limits

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One of Us
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7.65x53 argentine in 91 argentine

8x57 mauser in 98 mauser

7x57 mauser in 93 spanish oviedo mauser

30-40 krag in 1898 spr armory

7x57 mauser in 98 mauser

the 93 mauser is first on my redo list. it needs a dayton trigger set, d&t for a scope mount, bend the bolt, 2 position safety, 7x57 douglas barrel and either a sporter or mannlicher stock.

“All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.”
― Nikola Tesla
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one of us
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Nice!! tu2
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one of us
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Originally posted by NormanConquest:
My 30-40 Krag. I made it into a scout concept,cutting + crowning the bbl. D+T = mnted a Leupold LER 2.5x8. Kept original stock but you could'nt tell as I worked away all the unsesarry weight. I totaly broke it down to base components then jeweled everything in the guts.Since set triggers are not available for the Krag I built my own by drilling through the trigger body + inserting a threaded rod to contact the sear + adjusted it thus. Actually it was easier to do it than to describe it. This piece is a Pontiac on the surface but a Rolls inside.Pics won't do it service but if anyone is down this way I would be glad to show it off.

I restored my Dad's 30/40 Krag. I made the GI trigger into a 3# single stage trigger by soldering a small pad in top of the trigger to take up the 1st stage of the 2 stage pull.

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One of Us
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That would work. Very nice woodwork as well. The Krag has the smoothest action IMO + I found making it in the scout config. it was lightning quick; I dropped 3 deer in my garden in less time than it took to write this sentence + never removed the rifle from my shoulder.

Never mistake motion for action.
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new member
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Mine include.
8x57 x3
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One of Us
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My only sporterized model is a Mexican Mauser, cannot remember year in 7x57. It has a E.R. Shaw barrel, Timney trigger, and a fantastic piece of very dark walnut chocolate brown with honey streaks, with shadow outline cheekpiece, no checkering, what looks like rosewood foreend tip and grip cap. Stock was made for a big man and fits me well. Had a problem, it had a Pitcnanny rail which did not look right, so I removed it and installed standard scope bases where it was d/t'd and quickly learned I could not even bore sight it, as the rear holes were not aligned to the ones on the front receiver ring. A local gunsmith took it and did some careful machining on the bottom of the bases to bring them into better, not quite perfect alignment, and I went to some of the Burris Signature rings with the polymer inserts that clamp onto the scope body. I got some of their eccentric inserts so I actually after centering my scope bore sighted it by adjusting those scope ring inserts and all is well.

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