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Okay I fell victim to the puppy in the window and got this ugly-stocked 03a3 yesterday. The action is drilled killpc , The stock is cracked, handpainted and hand carved. It looks terrible. It has a K3 weaver and the rings and everything looks like my Krag..something sporterized a long time ago. Amazingly the action and barrel look to be in great shape.

I think I am going to upgrade the rifle scope and get a new wood stock. I was trying to find a "finished" nice quality sporter stock for the rifle online last night but no luck so far. It looks like everything needs to be "finished"..and I have no experience doing that. I wouldn't mind trying if the price was right in case I butcher it but I don't want to get a $400 blank and try to figure everything out.

Any leads or recommendations on a replacement stock? I wish Photobucket hadn't changed because I have so many photos I could share of all of this stuff.
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Not very pretty, but the Boyd's stocks for Springfields are affordable and pretty much work like they should. Might need some final fit and bedding.

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Have you thought of factory second stock. The link below shows some at 50% discount. You would try your hand at finishing the stock and if it turns out badly you won’t be out too much money.

Also a second possibility is a synthetic stock. They come finished but are a bit more expensive.

Hope this helps.
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You know, I think I have a Hougue synthetic for the o3a3 out in the shop. The box was marked for a 98 Mauser but that was not what was in it. This is new. I bought it from Midway a few years ago + when I found out it boxed wrong it was too late to exchange it. It should require NO fitting. If you're interested I'd take $100.00 shipped.

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