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22LR Federal Ammo - box of 525

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10 February 2021, 10:29
Use Enough Gun
22LR Federal Ammo - box of 525
A friend of mine told me today that he has been buying bricks of 22lr in Utah at two of the local stores(small town) for $28/brick (500 rounds). They will only sell each customer one at a time(once a day) and they only put out between 5-10 bricks each day. They are gone in about 5 minutes. Big Grin Apparently the outside world has not caught up with them as of yet! Big Grin
28 February 2021, 08:09
Dr. Lou
FWIW, I am paying $25 - $30 a brick for Aguila at the local Sportsman’s Warehouse, when they have em. Primers are $25 a brick. I’ve only seen $75+ at gun shows. Paying $12.99 per 50 for 22 mag.

NRA Life Benefactor Member
28 February 2021, 08:42
At those prices on 22s + primers, I would stock up.

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