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A Pack Of Wolves Ready For Their Trophy Room Delivery

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16 April 2020, 18:19
Wild Images In Motion
A Pack Of Wolves Ready For Their Trophy Room Delivery

Wild Images In Motion
16 April 2020, 19:10
Wow! Superb
17 April 2020, 00:32
p dog shooter
4 very good wolves
17 April 2020, 19:22
Grizzly Adams1
Way too much false Fierceness, Sorry.


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I think they've been misunderstood. Timothy Tredwell
01 May 2020, 01:52
Very well done. Some of the best taxidermy I’ve seen tu2

Searcy 470 NE
01 May 2020, 03:50
p dog shooter
Originally posted by Grizzly Adams1:
Way too much false Fierceness, Sorry.


Guess you never seen wolves fight among themselves.
10 May 2020, 19:42
Beautiful! Loooks real life to me,I have seen them in action in Alaska
11 May 2020, 19:22
Thanks for sharing.

Whitefish, MT
12 May 2020, 02:59
Big Wonderful Wyoming
Eh, not my bag of donuts either.

Natural or not natural. I just prefer a more calm looking critter.
12 May 2020, 21:52
Originally posted by samir:
Very well done. Some of the best taxidermy I’ve seen tu2

Fantastic!! tu2

05 November 2020, 22:53
I think I would prefer a "quiet" mount.

All the snarling is not my cup of tea.

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10 November 2020, 21:13
Many mounts are done with animals growling and snarling, I think it has to be kept in moderation.
17 November 2020, 22:08

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23 November 2020, 09:02
Use Enough Gun
I love the intensity! My wife loves the intensity of it as well! Personally, I would change the two that are fighting to tone it down just a smidgen. Other than that, it has the wow factor for me. But, then again, my lion mount is in an intense charge. Gets people's attention when they visit. Big Grin Too many mounts are ho-hum and boring, and belong in the dark corner of a museum. Beautiful work!
27 December 2020, 23:43
Wild Images In Motion
Thank you everyone appreciate hearing the input!

Wild Images In Motion
21 February 2021, 02:23
Brian Canada
Excellent and exciting art in taxidermy. Just because I may not have it in my bedroom doesn't mean that it is not awesome work . Brian
30 March 2021, 08:32
I had couple of them in bedroom like that ...

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PS I have big boar on my floor...but it ain't dead, just scared to move...

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“ Hávamál”
30 March 2021, 22:37
Unreal!!! Very cool!