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Is it lead if it takestime to melt?

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02 January 2003, 11:11
Is it lead if it takestime to melt?
Heloo all, As I was cleaning my reloading room 12-30-02 I was throwing Miscellaneous pieces of lead into a Lyman pot for later melting and cleaning. Many things were going in spent bullets from range backstop,pellets from 22 hornet exper.,straps for decoy weights,leftovers from melting sheet lead,wrinkled 14BHN rifle bullets,small pieces of lynotype, in a word everything. When I had finished cleaning I melted everything and was having, the what I thought was pure lead melting last. My question does this mean that what I thought was lead is'nt? [Confused]
02 January 2003, 11:42
Lloyd Smale
the purer the lead the higher the melting temp is. So what you experienced is normal
05 January 2003, 00:38
John Y Cannuck
One of the nicer things is that if it's not lead, it probably won't melt, and it will probably float on top for easy removal