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alloy recomendations?

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18 December 2002, 07:15
alloy recomendations?
i am just starting to cast for 9mm parabellum. i don't need hyper velocity, more interested in accuracy and not leading the barrel. i have lots of lead available, and also have ordered 10lbs of antimony and can get tin too. Anyone care to suggest a suitable alloy?
18 December 2002, 07:48
Try an alloy mix which is 94% lead, 2% tin and 4% antimony. I believe that you will find this suitable for your use.
18 December 2002, 09:13
Wheelweights or any harder alloy ought to work fine. The 94/2/4 previously suggested will do very nicely.

The leading I have seen in 9mm was more likely to come from a bullet that was too small rather than one that was too soft. You could slug the bore to check, but I size my 9mms .357 as long as the chamber and cases will let me.
23 December 2002, 15:40
Deputy Al
Ditto to all that DJ said.....and, most 9mm's have ridiculously fast twist rates. Hard alloy and soft lubes on bullets that match groove diameter arre the ticket.

Deputy Al