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Cast or jacketed for my .454 Casull
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I got a new barrel coming for my Encore in .454 Casull and I'm wondering if the best option for this round is to go the cast bullet route or the jacketed bullet route. I'd like to have some plinking loads (if the .454 could ever be called a plinker!) and also be able to go full-house on this round. I've seen load data with 300gr. pushing 2000 fps and I'd imagine it's faster out of my 12" barrel, I wouldn't need anything that fast, but it's nice to know it's there. How's the selection on the cast? Can I go heavier than 300 gr. and still stabilize the bullet? Let me know your opinions, I know that the main weights for jacketed are 250, 260, and 300. This limits me and I hate being limited. Who would you recommend for high-quality cast bullets? I've heard Billy Marr makes some very good ones, as does Oregon and Beartooth. What brand should I go with for the least leading at high velocities, or is it just going to lead on me anyway? Is there any way to lap the bore or smooth it out to reduce the leading? I know I have lots of question, answer as many as you can and let me know. Thanks
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cast bullets all the way,add cast performance,leadhead bullets to your list,cp makes 350-360-370-395gr all gas check bullets. i think you can find 405gr also,the hornady 300 xtp mag is a good bullet.
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