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vickerman dies

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18 December 2002, 14:11
vickerman dies
I've posted this message on a couple of other sites as I think it's a great item. Last night I loaded a couple of boxes with an inline, window type, bullet seating die. If fact I think Vickerman invented the things as it is a very old design. The die I used was DESIGNED to load cast bullets for black powder rifles in 45 cal. A lot of other calibers are also available. This is the easiest, slickest, fastest and along with all that, THE most accurate bullet seating die I have ever used. The sliding sleeve holds the bullet in alignment and supports the case with a neck made with a chamber reamer. They are near perfectly aligned before they ever touch. Result, near 0 runout. Bob has pictures on his web site: on the bottom of the GMW page. [Big Grin]
23 December 2002, 09:53
I have three Vickerman seaters from the 60's and treat them like gold. I contacted the person you mentioned when I found out they were making the Vickermans again. I wanted one in 30 cal. I was informed the sleeve was bored .309. I wanted something larger (.313) to use with cast bullets. The guy said he would see if he could bore one out. I told him OK, give it a try and let me know the price and I would send him the money. I never heard back from him. I sent several more emails, but still no answer. After several months I gave up and called L.W. Wilson and they made me a special straight line chamber type bullet seater bored .3125 for the .308 Win. round. I asked where to send the money and they said not to worry, they would make the seater and send it to me with the invoice. Seven days after I placed the order on the phone, the seater arrive with the invoice. about service. They are not any better than Vickerman, but at least Wilson will work with you for bullet sizes greater than nominal jacketed bullet size.
23 December 2002, 10:30
I'm not sure what happened, Bob (at GMW) is usually good about following up. He had a major machine problem and got swamped by his main customer about the time you mentioned. I was also waiting for parts and just got them. He is working on Vickermans right now. If you call him now, you should get what you want. He is trying to get as many calibers and sizes available as he can. This is a small part of his business and he is just now getting it started. He did have some delays getting tooling and is now going on them.