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Sulphur Chamber Cast ???
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Hey Guys, Browsing the web a few weeks ago I came across someone who used a sulphur mix to make a chamber cast, it was suppose to give you a real accurate reading with no shrinkage, problem is I didn't print it out and now I can't find it again. Any of you guys ever here of this.
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I've used sulphur, years ago. Straight flowers of sulphur from the drug store. Some folks add some lampblack. It's best done outside and you need to be careful because it is highly flammable. You also need to be careful because it is sticky and quite hot when molten.

I seem to recall that there is a time factor involved and I remember for sure that the cast is quite fragile. I'll try to remember to check a couple of my reference books and add any details I find in the next couple of days.
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I used sulpher ONCE. Once was enough. The price of cerosafe is cheap (especially compared to what my wife could say about it's smell). (It WAS outside, but the wind wasn't favorable.)
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