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29 December 2002, 09:17
Pete Millan
Hi guys,

I just got given 20kg (44lb) of linotype. I also have about 80 kg of wheelweights. I figgering the linotype is too hard and I can lean it down with the wheelweights to come up with a better alloy, thereby stretching the lino as it is very hard to come by.

I will be shooting gas checked 270, 7mm, 308 and 375, plus I want to cast some 38 and 45 pistol.

Anybody got a suggestion for a "mix" I can use?

'Nuther question: Along with the lino I was given what looks like babbit metal. The metal plates have been machined to form raised letters (These came from the printer as well) Anyone have an idea what this metal is? It is VERY hard.


Pete M
28 December 2002, 23:11
Lloyd Smale
Hey pete my favorite alloy for all my high velocity hunting bullets in hand guns and all my rifle bullets that are gas checked is 50-50 ww and lyno. it makes nice bullets and seems to be plenty hard. For the low velocity 38s and .45 stick to the WW the way they are I even cut it 50-50 with pure lead for all my .38s and .44 and .4 bullets that wont be shot over 1000 fps and have had no leading problems in my guns. When I use this mix I usually add about 2%tin which is a good bet as to what your babbit mostly consists of its hard to say though as there are lead based babbits and tin based babbits and just about any mixture of the two. The babbit I got I was lucky enough to get the osha printout on and its about 92 percent tin with the rest antimony and a small amount of copper.
29 December 2002, 22:07
Pete Millan
Thanx, Lloyd,

I went with your mix and cast up a raft of 270 cal 130 grainers last night, and some 250 grain 375 cals, I've not weighed them yet but they filled out the mould better than weights ever did.

I chucked one small plate of that babbit metal in the mix and a lot of fluffy metallic scum formed on top of the melt. I tried to flux it in, but no go, so I had to skim it off.


30 December 2002, 00:11
Lloyd Smale
with the 50-50 lyno ww mix your wasting your tin by adding more. As a matter of fact you could actually be making the bullets a tad softer. I wouldnt add any unless you have a hardness tester. When I melt down ingots of babit I get a little that wont mix in too. The best thing Ive found for flux is Nokorode its a plumpers paste flux that is available at some plumbling shops. BIlly Marr told me about it some time ago and I use it whenever I can find it. It does a better job of fluxing then anything Ive found especially when you are alloying in tin or antimony.