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Shooting a GC bullet with no GC?

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21 November 2002, 10:46
Shooting a GC bullet with no GC?
I'm looking to shoot a Gas Checked (GC) bullet without a GC seated on it. Will the slight 'boat tail' have an affect on leading in any way? What areas of concern would you think might be affected? Will Lee liquid ALOX work with these?

I'm asking these questions because I don't have my Lyman Lubrisizer yet but want to shoot some of my cast bullets that have a GC base without the GC and lube them with Lee's Liquid ALOX. Thanks for any info and/or experience.

21 November 2002, 12:46
You need to keep the charge and velocity right low to get GC bullets to shoot accurately without the GC. 1200 fps is a good place to start.

My guess, and it's purely a guess, is that the rear driving band is too narrow on most GC designs. Without the GC it flame cuts mighty easy.

Liquid Alox works fine for this. You do need to protect your ammo because it tends to pick up grit. Ziplock bag will do and the big spenders can get a plastic box for a couple of bucks. You should also probably wipe your bases to avoid powder contamination.

A little more gun and bullet information might be helpful.
21 November 2002, 15:35
N E 450 No2
BMG I shot quite a few Lyman gas check bullets with no gas checks in my 44 mag with no ill effects. Full power loads, 22.5gr. of 2400.