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Looking for lubri-sizer.

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03 December 2002, 18:28
Looking for lubri-sizer.
If any of you know of someone who has decided that casting bullets is too time comsuming, I'm looking for a good buy on a sizer lubricator unit. Details in classified.
04 December 2002, 07:56
<Dan in Wa>
See them on ebay all of the time.
The RCBS unit would be my first choice mainly for the warranty.
05 December 2002, 04:08
For cheap, accurate, and fast, you can't beat the Lee die that goes in your press and Liquid Alox. When you don't wanna use Liquid Alox, you can pan lube, but that's slow.

Other than that, I'd look on Ebay for an old Herter's. They go cheap, use standard Lyman dies and nose punches and never wear out. In 30 years, all I have had to do to mine is to replace the seals a couple of times.