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custom molds
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Slowpoke -

Word descriptions are not easy. I'll take another shot at it.

Thanks again.
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Hi All! Just a little damage from the storms but was up 1/2 the night helping in a nearby town. A little tired- may have to go back to work to rest up!

Well, I am still interested in this mold. The basic concept fits my needs well.If anyone else is, let us continue. If no one else is, I'll have it made special for me.

I still think an experienced person should 'run' this. Those that have done this in the past have done a good job. Any experienced volunteers? Dale
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trk--- The tumble lube groove dimensions from the Lee second edition is --- inside top edge of groove to inside top edge is .040, band width is .010, groove angle is 26 degree's, its just a vee bottom groove.
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If there is enough interest to do 25 molds, then I would be glad to collect the checks, place the order and send them out afterwards.

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lar45: If this is a "fat thirty", count me in. Post here or PM me for e-address, etc. floodgate
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