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Expansion of cast loads in .44 rem mag ??
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In relation to cast lead projectiles in .44 rem mag my local gunshop told me that I should stick to Jacketed bullets due to better expansion, he said that changing to a cast bullet will just punch holes straight througg roo's and not give me the big wounds I am now getting with jacketed bulk winchester and nosler projectiles. In particular if I choose a bullet that does not lead. What are peoples opinion on this ??

Regards PC.
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Get a LEE 310 grain round-flat gas checked .44 caliber mold and you can be assured of very large, fast killing wound channels at only 900 fps (and at up to 1,300 fps if you insist on a bunch of recoil).

The large flat meplat on this particular bullet does not require high velocity to work properly, unlike your jacketed expanding bullets.

It works by displacing tissue directly in a radial "splash zone" as it plows on through the animal. This promotes a very huge and rapid blood loss and a very sudden and fatal drop in blood pressure.

The animal keels over when his brain shuts down because of the shock, trama and sudden blood pressure loss (you tell us just how fast after you shoot a few) and then he bleeds to death within a few minutes.

You get bonus effectivity for any organ damage you can cause by good aiming and a 1,000 kill damage point bonus if you can get his spine involved in the wound channel effect.

And the rounds just cost you some melted down wheel weights and a cheap gas check to make them up.

Neat thing is you can shoot a lot slower (for less recoil) and you can afford to practice more (you get more accurate as you practice more).

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I think that if you try the Lee bullet or any bullets of the LBT Long Flat nose or wide flat nose, you'll abandon jacketed bullets for ever. Lot's of folks in US offer these lead bullets at reasonable prices, but shipping to you could be tough! There are some custom mould makers, like mountain moulds that could hook you up.
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You gotta remember that your local gunstore SELLS jacketed bullets. Cast you do yourself out of scrap.

I never shot a 'roo. Never expect to. Never even seen one outside of a zoo.

But nothing under 150 pounds is gonna go very far with a half inch hole punched in one side and out the other through the boiler room. Any good semiwadcutter will do that.

Couple of things you did not tell us. One is what you are shooting. In the States, I would assume a revolver, but in Oz I assume a carbine of some sort. Makes a difference in performance. Second is why you want dramatic expansion. Does it really make a difference whether they die in their tracks or 50 yards off?

There are ways to get major expansion out of a cast bullet. Most of them are a pain in the ass, but it can be done. If that's what you really need, give us some details and we'll talk about it.
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I am shooting them from a marlin 1894 p with 16 1/4" barrel.

No it does not really matter if they run 50 yards just do not want them to have a lingering death as if shot buy something like a .303 full metal jacket bullet if you know what I mean.

I really wont's have the time/money for moulds etc. I just want to buy a whole heap of bulk cast lead projectiles that will do a good job and let me shoot my .44 more cheaply. I like the idea of this big metplat, I also do not want leading.

Thanks for your help so far.
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I think Elmer Keith said it best. The idea is to let the blood out and let the air in. A clear through wound from a large meplat .44 mag is just the ticket. I don't think you'll be diong much chasing.
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PC - With proper bullet to bore fit, and a good lube, you will have zero leading. Just make sure you clean all the jacketed fouling from you barrel before changing over to cast.
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