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what is a good cast bullet for loading 44 mag.
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Hi i,m new in this cast bullet loads part. just wondering if you can help looking to load some cast for hunting elk , bear , deer in a Taurus Raging Bull 444 44mag. 6 1/2" barrel thinking of useing win. case /WLP / w296 and a good cast bullet but dont no what to use! any help with bullets and or loads would be appreciate very much .I was think of useing a 300grn. cast performance LBT . any input is appreciate.

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I'm a conservative.

Thirty years ago, I bought the Lyman Keith type GC mould in .44. I think mine drops WW bullets at 250-255 grains depending on the batch. I load them over 21 or 22 grains of 2400 just like Elmer Keith said.

You might be able to improve on that load, but I doubt it.

Certainly I never have.
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I like the 421429 lyman and the 245k rcbs and the 300 grian kieth rcbs and the ballistic cast 340lfn I use alot more but these are my favorites.
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<Ben H>
Your choice of an LBT style in 300 grains is a fine one. While 296/H110 are excellent choices you may also want to take a look at Hodgdon's 'Lil Gun. It has proven to be a stellar performer in .44 mag and .45 Colt.

Good Shooting,
Ben H
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If you want to buy bullets already cast, then your choice of the LBT designs is a great one. I'd try all the WFNs from 265 to 325 grains and pick the one your gun likes best. If you're looking at buying a mold to cast your own, it's a little more complicated question. The two basic hunting bullet "camps" are the Kieth style SWCs and the LBT style RNFPs, generally in the 250 to 300 grain range. I shoot the LBT 265 grain WFN GC myself. I cast them with a Ballisticast four bangor which is one of the best commerical molds I've seen, but not inexpensive. They'll hold a 4" group at 100 yards out of my dan Wesson, if I do my part, and the recoil at 1,350 fps is livable. BD
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