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Heavy cast bullets in 32-20 Contender
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Finally got a good deal on a 32-20 10 inch barrel and was looking for loads with 170 or so grain cast bullets, but can't find any data whatsoever in any of my many manuals above 115 grains. Has anyone got any ideas? I generally use 2400, H110, Unique, 4227, 4198 and some others around the bench, so any of those will be available to me.

I recognize this data would all be used at my own risk, all I'm looking for is accuracy at 100 and 200 yards.

Thanks for your thoughts and help.

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There is an article somewhere on the LASC website describing the use of a 190 grain bullet in the .32 H&R mag. I was told by the Author that he used 11 grains of H110 to motivate this load.

I'm working on a midweight load for my own .32 H&R. I'm currently working with 2 bullets in the 130 grain range and one at 165. I'm using 11 grains of H110 with all as a base to start from.

The most promising seems like it might be the Saeco #630 out of linotype it weighs 136 grains and is nominally a 140 grain mold. I'm trying to turn the little .32 into a relliable silhouette gun.

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I found 9.5gr of WC820 (AA#9) with 165RCBS sil or 190 LY 311644 to be quite accurate out to 200yds.I use both loads in a 10in. contender and my wife use both loads in her BF. If we do our part no sweat knocking rams over at 200M with open sights.
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On my previous post with the heavy bullet loads {32-20} these are only safe in a contender or BF falling block. May be OK for other strong SS pistols. It shows no sign of excessive pressure in my contender or the wife's BF. I have no idea if is safe in an older rifle or pistol. Use with caution,start low and work up.
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