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lyman gas checks
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alot of you know how crappy lyman gas checks are but its tough to find anything else in .41 the last box i bought from them would fall of the bullets after going through the sizer just holding the bullet up most of them stayed right on the sizing die. I even found I could get them with very little hand pressure to fit on the shank of a lyman .44 300 keith bullet. I contacted lyman and was given a big runaround they wanted me to ship them back the box at my own expense so there lab could check them. I told them I wasnt going to pay $7 to ship a $15 box of gas checks to them and would send them a couple there respose was that there gas checks are only designed to fit there bullets. I asked the lady why it didnt state that on the box and why they fit on a lyman .44 bullet and she had no answer. I have emailed them twice since and they dont even respond. I know one thing Ill never buy a lyman product again I have been treated like a king by rcbs and most others in this industry and lyman will even charge you for orings for your lubesizer! Im done venting now thank you for listening
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Lloyd did you try annnealing those checks? Might prevent some amount of springback hopefully allowing them to stay put.
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