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Another refuge with a question

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23 December 2002, 09:42
Another refuge with a question
I am another one of the Allvertical refugees from the cast bullet board. We are looking for a place to lite. We are tying to do that in mass to keep a rather cohesive group together. How would you folks feel about having 50-100 new folks swarm to this board? We may act like to know everthing about cast bullets, but we really don't...well almost
23 December 2002, 11:07
to qoute the foxy Canadian in a mini skirt Come on Over
23 December 2002, 13:13
To quote the great W.C. Fields "You may think you know everything but if you don't know me, well..."

As BBT said, "come on over."

The more the merrier in my opinion. I think we all think we know everything.
23 December 2002, 13:49
Oh, Lord, it's hard to be humble...

Another refugee