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.50 AE MOLD 385 gr
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Hi All,

I'll get my FA in .50 AE in a couple of weeks.

Have starting some research regarding which frims made which molds for that caliber.

I have found one SWC PB 340 gr made by RCBS and a 350 gr PB LFN made by Ballisti cast. But I'm looking for a molds 385 gr and can't find who made it.

Thanks for you help.
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If you are not successful to find this mould, you may want to contact Triebel in Kaufbeuren/ Germany 0049 8341 95080.
They'll produce moulds and dies to your specifications.

Let me add that I received my RCBS mould in .50AE yesterday. I returned from the range one hour ago - good precision, but not the perfect lube yet.

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Contact balisticast, they have made molds lighter and heavier then their std weights for both myself and a shooting partner for no additional charge. They also make what I consider the finest molds.

You might also want to try NEI and Applegate. I don't believe Applegate has a website, but NEI does
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