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indoor casting, ventilated hood
Hello, I am wondering if you have any experience with ventilated hoods designed to pull all fumes/smoke off of your casting pot and exhaust them outdoors. This would make my casting this winter so much more pleasant and less weather dependant. If you have and advice or designs I would like to know them. I still expect to do my dirty work outside and just use clean ingots indoors. thanks
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You need the exhaust fan to pull air away from you at pot height or a little bit higher. If you keep the alloy temp below 1000F and have about 40-70 cfm exh fan you should be OK. Make sure your make-up air is not likely to pick up the exhausted air. Orygun
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I'm lucky that Virginia's weather is moderate and bullet casting can be done all year round.
I've got a buddy who set up a kitchen hood vented outside with a more powerful squirrel cage blower in his basement for casting.
His kitchen hood works like a charm. I will admit he's a bit quirky but I think that's from too much recoil over the years. Small brain, large space to roll around in..You know how it goes.
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I use two methods. Or should I say two types of exauhst. Primary method is a 1900 squre foot attic venilation fan mounted in the roof of my casting shed. I leave either the door or the primary window open for make up air as the fan is directly across from the door and window air is allways fresh. The second method/ fumes from fulxing got to bad. I have a 5ton air handler drive fan ie 2000cfm. mounted in the north facing window. This fan is mounted about 6 inches above the manual bottom pour pot and 4 inches back. Plug this baby in and the fumes are gone in no time. Fans like this can befound at just about any a/c shops junk pile. I have a third 3ton/1200cfm fan that can sit on the floor and blow into the shed when temps and humidity are high during north Texas summer. Next is mounting it on a stand with a water resivor under it and a A coil from a a/c system and small pump such as a fountain pump. Add ice to resivoir and whaa la instant portable high cooling.
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