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Hello all, I am another displaced person from the sinking ship at Shooter' Cast boolits are my main interest, I load for five rifle calibers and five handgun calibers. Probably shoot 50 or 100 cast boolits for every j--word bullet. I see a lot of familiar names over here already. I would encourage and invite everyone on this board who has not checked out the Shooter's cast bullet site to check out the archives over there. There are literally tons of good info there, I hope they can be saved. I think I read that the site would be open until January 1, at least.

Regards from duke.
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one of us
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Us at Shooters and The Firing line all being displaced at the same time There's a lot of info in the arcives that the newby would love to get on to. Between Those two and what's here, Wouldn't that make one hell of of a cast boolit lovers dream book. In my favorite files there are at least a 13 different cast forums going all at the same time. Some have only 1 or 2 posts a week, then again like ours had 25 to 30 or more a day. ...Geo
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Hey, more familiar faces.......I'm liking this site a lot, seems to be a stronger hunting orientation than AllV--which is fine by me.

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Good to see more familiar faces. This seems to be the most user-friendly site I've seen in my recent travels. My main interest is in cast rifle bullets. I am currently casting for eight rifle and two pistol calibers, but the next two guns are already taking shape in my mind. I have been known to choose a rifle for a deer hunt by taking the one I had ammunition for. Gotta get organized someday! Regards, curmudgeon
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Well, since y'all are doin' "show an' tell", I might as well raise my hand.

I'm a non-competitive target shooter. I cast and load for 3 rifle calibers and 2 pistol calibers, currently. My interest is developing accurate loads by "climbing the ladder" through all the variables.

Aside from my regular job, mechanical piping, I do a little "DBA" work developing loads for an occasional customer.
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