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375H&H + 3x scope

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23 April 2022, 22:39
375H&H + 3x scope
Hello. I have a new Heym Express in 375 on the way and am wondering if any of you have used a fixed 3x scope for African hunting with your 375? Thoughts, liked or wished for more power? Thank you. Gary
24 April 2022, 02:47
Kinda depends on what & where you're hunting.

I use a fixed 2.5x20mm on my 9.3x62mm when I'm focused on buffalo in the bushveld. Don't recall taking a shot beyond 60 yards with that setup and that was plenty magnification.

24 April 2022, 04:38
Kinda depends on what & where you're hunting.

Yes, it will I believe.
On my own .375 H&H I mounted a Leupold VX6, 1-6 X scope and have hunted Zimbabwe and Namibia, finding the scope to be ideal. For me, the ideal setting has been 4X, with most shots taken on this setting. Whatever a scope setting is I prefer to leave it alone and not worry about it or fiddle with it once set. The only times I remember changing were when the PH suggested winding DOWN in Zim when we got very close to Buff once or twice ( I wound down to 2X ), then winding UP to 6X in Namibia taking a 150 yd shot at a Baboon. So having that magnification range has been handy in certain situations. I have another .375 H&H rifle coming to me on which I intend to mount a Swarovski Z6, 1.7-10X Illuminated. I expect that too will mostly be shot set on 4X.

Hunting.... it's not everything, it's the only thing.
24 April 2022, 04:49
I tend to lean towards fixed power because of that cousin from Boston - Mr. Murphy - regularly making an uninvited appearance at the worst times...
24 April 2022, 22:03
I am thinking about general usage with a specific buffalo hunt in mind.
25 April 2022, 06:34
posted 25 April 2022 05:03
I am thinking about general usage with a specific buffalo hunt in mind.

So, a low range variable might fit the bill if I understand your comment correctly ?

Hunting.... it's not everything, it's the only thing.
25 April 2022, 08:19
Brian Canada
The 2.5 Luopold is perfect. It has very long eye relief too.

IHMSA BC Provincial Champion and Perfect 40 Score, Unlimited Category, AAA Class.
25 April 2022, 19:11
Always thought that the 3 power Leupolds on 375's were a magic combo...

Edward Lundberg
25 April 2022, 21:18
Gary, I have a .375 and it has a Zeiss 1.5x6 on it. It is a great scope. You could be in thick stuff then go to open grass. It gives you the option plus its an excellent PG scope. I have used it on buffalo at 50 yards in Zim to gemsbok in RSA at 315 yards.
25 April 2022, 21:28
Macs B
I have always used the Trijicon Accupoint 1-6 x24 on heavy rifles.

Macs B
U.S. Army Retired
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26 April 2022, 09:15
I have more than a few of those good scopes, on my 375 H&H, 7x57, on and off of most of my guns, Its my go to for DG in Africa for years...I never got into a situation wherein I felt the need for more power in a scope..To this day for big game on NA or any other world locaton I still perfer the 3X Leupold 3x or 4X fixed..I do have 3x9s and 2x7s on some varmint guns and in my desk draws..I also really likef my 2.5X Leupole Alaskan 7/8" tube on my custom 7x57 for whitetail in Texas the last couple of years.

Ray Atkinson
Atkinson Hunting Adventures
10 Ward Lane,
Filer, Idaho, 83328
18 May 2022, 14:17
I would prefer a 2.5x scope on a .375 mag but if you prefer more magnification like our Kiwi buddy, look for one of the old 4x32 Kahles made just before their changing to image-movement. You can tell them by the Euro focusing and ocular tapering straight to the 26mm steel tube.

I was given one recently but despite a big scratch on the objective lens, I love it!

Not only does it have a 34-foot FoV with a 3.5-inch eye relief and a modest 36mm ocular but the least tunnel vision of any Kahles I've ever seen - as good as best old Nickel, Zeiss and Weavers.

In my experience, those old Kahles scopes are as tough as old boots and should last well as anything on a .375 mag.