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Swarovski DS

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19 May 2022, 00:27
Scott Powell
Swarovski DS
Just purchased one from EuroOptic.. Figured with the cost of my upcoming Marco Polo hunt, the altitude, language barriers trying to communicate distance, etc.. It made good sense..

I know on my last Turkey Ibex hunt it was crazy - 30 degree down angle, guide calling distance in meters, me trying not to fall off the side of the cliff.. Surprised I made the shot!

Hoping this eliminates some of the confusion in the heat of the moment!

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01 June 2022, 09:36
Excellent complex scope. I have seen Larry shores scope and rifle.

I figured out how to use the blaser scope - it took awhile.

This scope requires some up front time getting used to software ect, just stick to one bullets to make it easy. Worth the $$ for a macro polo hunt.