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I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I am hoping to get a ball park figure on the current values of these rifles. A friend is trying to dispose of two of them for a widow. They are both 1915 Gustafs with all matching SNs. Both are in very good shape and one has the threaded barrel. They both are, I think, D&T'ed for the diopter target sights.

For the record, they will not be sold on the net, just FTF locally.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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I remember buying several of them in the early 90's for $75 ea and the dealer at the show had 30+ of them laid out on the table. I picked out a couple nice ones with the better stampings on the bore measurement and condition. Currently I think they bring at least $350-$400 and I'm not so sure if those #'s aren't a little low. I would think $400 would bring a quick sale but look around on the net to get an idea of asking price.

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If they've been drilled and tapped for a scope, their value has been cut by 1/3 or more. Check GunBroker, their prices are pretty much what to expect. The Swedes get a premium for their fine condition and accuracy over other Mauser variants, with the exception of a good Argentine 1909.

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Originally posted by Hook:
They both are, I think, D&T'ed for the diopter target sights.

Don't know if you're still looking guidance on this, but if the diopter target sights are included, you could add about 20-25% to the resale value. If sights are not included, subtract 1/3 from the resale value.
Let us know the end results.
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