SIG 716I Tread any good?
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Anyone own one?

I was offered a new one in Trade in the package format that includes the 4-14x44 SIG scope.

I always wanted an AR-10, I never got around to building one and lost interest in how confusing all the different AR-10 parts are that do not fit together.

Weights about 9.4-10 pounds set up with a full mag and a 4-14 scope and mounts.
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Sig has always made good firearms I would expect this one to be no different.
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I have a gen 1 716. Very accurate gun.

Heavy (from heavy) gun.

I need to shoot it more.

It is designed by the same guys who designed the hk416/hk417.


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I have been very favorably impressed with my .308 AR (which is a Baer); SIG makes quality weapons, although they are not (IMO) quite as good as HK. They are all heavy comparatively.

I think the SIG will retain some value because its a SIG (as far as the rifle)- I don't think I would consider the scope any great value. I have not seen "outstanding" accuracy from my SIG's, (I don't have a 716) but they are fully as good as any milspec rifle in my experience.

I certainly wouldn't trade my Baer for one.

Really, look at how much they are giving you value wise and decide based on that. The SIG is worth more than a DPMS/Remington/Armalite... Its worth less than a KAC SR 25.
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