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Checkering Cradles

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27 July 2019, 23:03
Checkering Cradles
Some examples of checkering cradles, in order of pictures: Jesse Kaufman, Jeff Tap, Douglas Mann, Alan Wey. Duane Wiebe has a cool checkering cradle but can't find any pictures without a photo bucket logo across the picture. In his book "The Final Touch" by Joel Schafer, Joel goes into detail about checkering cradles.

28 July 2019, 17:19
On this thread there's a picture of Duane's checkering cradle. There's a lot one could learn from reading through the entire thread as well.
28 July 2019, 17:31
There's a lot one could learn from reading through the entire thread as well

Agree, DW has always shown an inclination towards teaching and sharing his craft, the Silver Scholarship Rifle thread is one of the best, your threads aren't too shabby either
28 July 2019, 22:47
My cradle that I gave Nick Hughes. Nick will do a great job with it.

It is all aluminum and very rigid.
28 July 2019, 23:03
It is all aluminum and very rigid.

You don't do anything halfway do you Butch?
29 July 2019, 01:50
George Beitzinger gave me this one.

many moons ago. This pic may be mirrored, I'm pretty sure George is righty

31 July 2019, 21:34
My DVD has lot of info on checkering tools and carving tools to make. I have made these items and when I was teaching at TSJC students could make their own tools. I am not too active , but still have DVD's to ship. Lots of pictures and hints on how I worked as a fulltime gunsmith. Lots of my early days of Pictures on Hunting101 lost after the site went down last year. I can send out pictures if you send a PM to me.
31 July 2019, 23:24
My DVD has lot of info on checkering tools and carving tools to make.

I have your DVD Les and concur, it's a wealth of information and a great resource to have on hand.
01 August 2019, 04:41
Glad to hear from you. I wish more people had my DVD as I am getting to old to keep up.
08 August 2019, 16:47
Jesse Kaufman's improved cradle

13 August 2019, 06:00
Toomany Tools
I quit using a cradle about five years ago and will never go back to one. I find that by working at a bench padded with a couple towels just works better for me.

John Farner

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14 August 2019, 05:49
Dennis Earl Smith
I have used and do use both cradle and non-cradle checkering positions. It depends on the application of the pattern AND the job needs. When I am at a show, there is no room behind the table for the cradle. When at home the cradle is held in my vise on the table. The fastest checkering specialist that I know, does not use a cradle. She was taught with one and has one. She just can motor out the work faster without one. Yes, she is still working today after 34 years of checkering. She is still younger than I. We both learned the skill from Pat Taylor while at Kimber of Oregon.

Dennis Earl Smith
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