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Bowtech Allegiance
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I've been in the market for a new bow for a while and found one I really liked. I've always been a Hoyt fan but this new Bowtech Allegiance is awesome to say the least. The pro shop where I bought the bow had the Allegiance, Tribute and Mathews Switchback XT set up to test shoot. For me they finished out as I just mentioned. I was looking hard at the XT and Hoyt Trykon. That was until I shot the Bowtech. If you get a chance give them a try.
I have since chronoed the bow set at 65lb. Carbon Express CX 3-D arrows shot 311fps- 325gr IBO and my hunting arrows Gold Tips 410gr at 280. Pretty impressive bow. Very accurate one too.

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yeah a friend of mine shoots the allegiance and likes his a lot. i was looking at a mathews myself but after talking with him, figured i'd give bowtech a try. i ended up with the diamond liberty. shoots really well, not as fast as the allegiance, but i like it a lot.
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I really enjoy my 05 Allegiance.
Set at 70lbs with Goldtip XT Hunter arrows weighing 520gr the crony stands at 267ft/s.

Great hunt set up and some 3D shooting as well.


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My 83# Allegiance shoots a 585 grain arrow at 270 fps. It would probably be faster but I have it loaded down with a double set of string silencers served in at both ends, a heavy custom served-in peep and a very wide center serving.

It's more accurate than I am.

If I hadn't needed an 80# bow I'd have gotten a Switchback, though. The Switchback is a more forgiving bow that is easier to tune and stays in tune longer, IMHO.


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Man, I wish my 5 year old Splitfire would explode or something. It's like a Timex I swear. Hell, the limbs still have not started to squeak. Then I would have a reason to get a Switchback or Allegiance. The only deciding factor would be if I want the 80# draw or not. But, unfortunately when you shoot the Switch right alongside the Allegiance the Switch is noticeably smoother, and NO bow jump whatsoever. I just passed up a 80# Allegiance On Ebay that sold for $510. Frowner
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No argument that the Alligience is Bowtechs' flagship bow.

But I have heard from several archers whose opinions I respect that the Bowtech Old Glory is a major sweet shooter. If I was in the market for a new Bowtech I'd sure give that one a look. But right now I'm very satisfied with my Extreme Solo.
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I was gonna buy a bowtech but ended up trying a Ross out. I'm the proud owner of a Ross 334.

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