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Wolf hunting with archery gear

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26 October 2014, 05:25
Wolf hunting with archery gear
Just wondering who has been sucessful in harvesting a wolf with a bow and if was deliberate ie...baiting or chance oppertunity?

27 October 2014, 07:10
I posted this a few weeks ago........


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29 October 2014, 05:32
jc - not sure how I missed your report and may I say a belated congratulations!!! By all the crickets in my question regarding wolves taken with bow we are among the privileged few as I also just got one last fri with my Mathews DXT and Muzzy 125 broadhead!!

29 October 2014, 06:35
wolfhunter 2
I shot my wolfs with a rifle but he has had a bow hunter take some WFO bear hunts Thunder bay Ontario good guy Rob kotnin