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Dentist accused of killing thousands of protected jaguars as part of poaching gang

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09 July 2019, 21:24
Dentist accused of killing thousands of protected jaguars as part of poaching gang

Link has numerous photos and article.


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10 July 2019, 20:57
Just curious, if they killed thousands just in Brazil. How are they endangered.

How is a reasonable study on the number of Jaguars alive, can be performed in the thick jungle.

When the protection law went into effect, who endorsed it. Organizations, countries and who financed it.

If the law was to go into effect today. Is there scientific evidence to back the protection.

I understand some regions have lower densities, but to carte blanche the whole continent!

Native’s in that region have hunted them for thousands of years. Whether to protect their livestock no matter how dismal it is, it is still their lively hood, safety or sport etc....
I don’t think an organization head quartered thousands of miles away will convince the locals to change their culture or their ways. They have proven the law is bull by the amount harvested.

In poor countries, money is king. If you have the means and the will, only a fool will believe a piece of
paper and ink will stop them cold and change their ways.
26 July 2019, 20:39
Unfortunatelly, there aren´t studies on game and fish population down here in Brazil. It wouldn´t be difficult to stablish some numbers, but it just doesn´t happen.

I can´t imagine how the govt can stablish fishing permits and tags and such without this information. As for hunting, being only possible to cull boars, population research is not a problem for the experts in the wildlife institutions.
09 March 2020, 23:22
376 steyr
This gives me a sick feeling. Taking a thousand jaguars when did he have time for denistry?